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Disrupting our Whiteness: Finding Wholeness in Resistance

***This workshop has two dates to choose from:

Sunday Dec. 9th 5-7PM PST/ 8-10pm EST


Wednesday Dec. 12th 12-2pm PST/ 3-5 EST


Join Dylan Wilder Quinn and Jennie Pearl for a relational workshop on building resistance and resilience for white people working on undoing our racism. While this webcast is geared towards white identified people, all racial identities are welcome.

In this session, we will:

  • Create community to dismantle the myth that we can do this work alone or in isolation.

  • Share resources and resilience skills and create belonging for each other so that People of Color don’t have to do this labor

  • Undo our internalized whiteness as we do this work

  • Process and work through questions around racism as they come up in our day-to-day lives (so that we’re not putting this labor on POC)

  • Support each other so that we stay in this work

  • Use mindfulness and embodiment to create long term resilience and anti-racist patterns in our bodies.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are feeling shame and guilt around privilege and racism.

  • You have fear of harming people of color with your questions, confusion, or lack of knowledge.

  • You feel like you are the only white person in the room caring about undoing racism.

  • You've noticed racism in yourself and/or your community and you were not sure what to do.

  • You sometimes feel isolated and want to find other people in this work to connect with. 

While dismantling systems, we also need to be building the world we want to live in. For us white folks, this also involves us taking on the labor of supporting and building skills with each other so that we are centering POC-led movements instead of burdening them with our whiteness. Through this process we will also find wholeness and community. 

What to expect:

  • 2 hour Zoom call

  • Question-based inquiry to reflect on how racism is showing up in our lives

  • Grounding and centering practices for resilience

  • Partner and full group work

  • Reflections around next-steps and strategies to stay engaged

Please consider paying what you can, and also supporting so that more folks can be a part of this movement.  We are commited to offering sliding scale and particularly want to offer accessible rates to LGBTQIA folks, people who are disabled, and people with low-income.  Please get in touch with us if you are also in need of further scholarship. We want you in this work! 

YOU HAVE TWO DATES TO CHOOSE FROM. YOUR REGISTRATION ONLY COVERS THE DATE THAT YOU SELECT.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND BOTH WORKSHOPS (as each group of people is always unique) please sign up two times, one for each date. 


***All Sessions will be Recorded***

***Space is Limited***

We will give 10% of our funds raised will go to Aaron and Porsha’s fundraiser. All workshops that focus on working with white folks on our anti-racism involve a 10% donation to organizations and individuals whose lives are marginalized by racism every day. For more info click here. 

Dylan Wilder Quinn (they/he/she) has been facilitating and educating groups for 16 years. They look to connect deeply with everyone who is wanting to create a different world that we know is possible, based in justice and connection. In addition to their teachers and colleagues (listed on their website), they have found that their combination of life experiences - as a long-term childhood abuse survivor, and living as a trans, non-binary, disabled person from working class background navigating oppression daily, and as a white person navigating their oppressor identity daily - is helpful to do the crucial work of working with people across intersections to heal while centering the needs and justice for marginalized people in a trauma-informed and survival-informed way. They are also an anti-oppression consultant and healer using mindfulness and neurobiology to overcome trauma and oppressive cultural patterns. Read more at

Jennie Pearl (she/her) is an anti-oppression facilitator, yoga teacher, and bodyworker, bridging the gap between social justice and healing. She believes relationship is key to dismantling oppressive systems. As a cis-gendered, heterosexual white woman, Jennie aims to build bonds with other white folks and invite them to stay in the fight for justice and equity for a lifetime. She is the founder of Wake Up, a group for white-identified people to unlearn racism, unpack privilege, and untangle white supremacy from the inside out. They explore how yoga and meditation can help them commit to and sustain the work without spiritual bypassing or diminishing racial justice. Jennie collaborates with a core team of facilitators at Holistic Resistance, whose mission is to build connection as the foundation of all of their work.  Read more at