When you make a donation to the 香港最快开奖现场直播 Foundation, you make an important investment in our community鈥檚 future.

There are many ways for you to contribute to the 香港最快开奖现场直播 Foundation. The following information may help you consider various ways to support the college and learn about the tax advantages associated with certain types of charitable donations. The 香港最快开奖现场直播 Foundation is a 501c(3) organization.

  • Outright Gifts聽
    Gifts of cash, appreciated securities (shares of stock or mutual funds), or other property; these gifts provide immediate financial assistance.
  • Pledges
    A pledge is a formal declaration of intent to make a gift to the 香港最快开奖现场直播 Foundation. It may be followed by an immediate gift or it may confirm your intention to make a gift in the future. Many donors choose to complete their gift pledge by making regular annual payments over a five-year pledge period.
  • Gifts in Honor, Gifts in Memory
    Gifts may be made in honor or memory of a loved one, a friend or colleague, or a business, or to commemorate a special occasion.
  • 贰苍诲辞飞尘别苍迟听
    An endowment is a fund that is set aside for a specific purpose. The principal of the gift is invested and earnings are used to fulfill the purpose of the endowment. A gift to an endowment demonstrates your long-term commitment.
  • Planned Giving
    Planned gifts are gift arrangements that have specific tax advantages and often include lifetime income to the donor or a beneficiary(ies) named by the donor. A planned gift maximizes your giving potential and can even allow you to ensure your future financial security or that of a loved one.
  • Scholarships
    Thank you for your interest in creating a scholarship to help deserving students attend 香港最快开奖现场直播. Scholarships continue to be a pressing need for our students due to the rising cost of tuition and fees. While more than 60 percent of 香港最快开奖现场直播 students receive financial aid, there are many middle-income students with limited resources who do not qualify for federal aid. These students depend on scholarships to attend college.Each year, the Foundation awards scholarships to more than 500 students who have financial need and academic promise. With your support, even more students may receive the needed assistance to reach their educational goals and career aspirations.

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