All students are welcome to attend 香港最快开奖现场直播 regardless of citizenship or residency status.听 香港最快开奖现场直播 is dedicated to supporting students’ journeys to reach their goals while also recognizing that being undocumented, DACAmented, or from a mixed-status household has its own unique challenges.听

The 香港最快开奖现场直播 Undocumented Student听Liaisonprovides information and resources for undocumented students and their families regarding:

  • enrollment at 香港最快开奖现场直播
  • eligibility for in-district tuition
  • information on financial resources to assist with the cost of college
  • campus and community resources for undocumented, DACAmented, and mixed-status students
  • up-to-date information on relevant legislation

Our Undocumented Student Resource Center located in W226 is open to all students and members of the community.听Below, we have listed additional resources to assist you on your academic journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can I apply and attend 香港最快开奖现场直播 if I am undocumented or not a U.S. citizen?
    • Yes, we want you to know that regardless of your or your family鈥檚 immigration status we are happy to have you here at 香港最快开奖现场直播.
  • How can I pay for school if I or my family are undocumented or not a U.S. citizen?
    • There are several ways to pay for your education, even if you are a family member are DACAmented, or undocumented or not a U.S. citizen.听 You can confidentially discuss your options with a member of the Financial Aid office.
  • Will any information regarding mine or a family members residency status, including on the application be shared with Immigration Services?
    • This information is never collected or shared with Immigration Services.听 What you share with members of our staff will be kept confidential.
  • Do you have anyone on campus who can help me get started?
    • Yes, Katie Raisner, Undocumented Student听Liaison听is a good point of contact for all of our students and prospective students who may have general questions regarding how their or their family鈥檚 residency status may affect their ability to pay for college, or explain our application process.
  • What is I don鈥檛 have a state issued driver鈥檚 license, can I still get a student ID?
    • Yes, typically you will receive your student ID during your first coaching/advising appointment.听 If your student ID is ever lost and you would need an additional student ID we are able to assist by you providing alternative ID and information.

Additional Resources for Paying for College


Contact Us

If you have questions about the resources for undocumented, DACAmented, or mixed-status students at 香港最快开奖现场直播 please reach out to:

  • Katie Raisner, Retention Coordinator and Undocumented Student Liaison
    Phone: 217-875-7211. ext. 6314
    Office: W226

Information will be kept confidential.